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The use of mediation is possible on all stages of the interaction of companies: from disputes that arose at the stage of drafting contracts to conflicts between co-owners of business and shareholders. Mediation is also one of the means of preventing internal corporate conflicts. It affects the formation of the culture of constructive behavior in stressful situations and solving labor disputes

Family mediationis one of the most effective ways of restoring peace in the family or maintaining normal relations in a divorce. The mediator will help to resolve the conflict most painlessly and will create conditions for discussing the problems.

If you have reached a deadlock in your negotiations with the other party, or the litigation seems to be a tiring and expensive procedure, we will help you not only to resolve the long conflict, but also to substantially reduce the time and expenses for its settlement.
In cases where conflicts become destructive, the parties involved in the conflict use the means of justice, consciously taking competing roles.
Thus, they deprive themselves of the opportunity to resolve the dispute without resorting to judicial means.
The situation that arises as a result of confrontation can be decided only by defeat by one of the parties and by the victory of the other, but the outcome does not always justify the invested resources. In most cases, when the subject of the dispute is in the civil, administrative, private or corporate law, alternative methods of dispute resolution, such as mediation, should be used.
Mediation, as an alternative dispute settlement procedure, is cost-effective and appropriate and permits:

  • To find a solution that satisfies all sides of the conflict;
  • To save time for preparation for consideration and consideration of the case in court;
  • To save money on litigation;
  • To maintain partnership relations;
  • To enjoy the way and the result of the conflict resolution;
  • Increase the likelihood of a common decision by the parties;;
  • Ensure confidentiality of dispute resolution.
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