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White-collar crimes

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The term “white-collar crimes” gained momentum in the middle of the twentieth century. Within the framework of this concept, are crimes committed by people from the wealthy segment of the population, as well as the ruling elite.
This term also includes a large number of types of criminal activities, including tax evasion, illegal sale of property, fraud with securities and land, embezzlement and misappropriation of funds, production and trade of hazardous substances, environmental pollution, as well as theft in direct understanding of this word.

Official statistics rarely mention the existence of this type of crime, so their prevalence is often hushed up. Basically, it is manifested in using a professional or social position to conduct illegal activities. Persons of authority use their powers for criminal purposes.

Among the most striking examples is the support of campaigns or strategic policy for the payment received (in fact – a bribe).
Given the current situation in Ukraine, the fight against white-collar crimes is a topical issue.

That is why our specialists offer a complex of legal services that will help to:

  • Identify and prove the commission of the crime by the “white collars”;
  • Restore rights violated by the commission of a crime;
  • Protect from an unreasonable charge of committing a crime.
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