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Adopting a child becomes easier

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Adopting a child becomes easier

Five new services have appeared on the “Diya” portal, which are designed to simplify and expedite the process of adopting a child. Yevgen Popko commented on the optimization of bureaucratic processes.

“I warmly welcome the simplification of the bureaucratic aspects of the process of adopting a child, as this is definitely a positive and correct step that will reduce the burden on potential parents and government officials who have to process “tons” of paperwork.

At the same time, I emphasize that there should be no simplification of the process of verifying potential parents, as this is about the safety and well-being of children.

Due to the war, the number of children in need of care will increase. Therefore, it is important to ensure sufficient thoroughness in the checks so that new families are comfortable for them,” he said.

So, what services have become available in “Diya”?

  • Extension of candidacy for adoption.
    A statement of adoption of a child is valid for 1 year – the new service allows extending the status of a candidate for adoption.
  • Registration as foster parents or caregiver parents.
    *The difference between these two concepts is that in the second case, the named parents create a family-style children’s home and receive state support for the care of a minor, and the child retains the status of an orphan.
  • Become the second parent of foster parents or adoptive parents.
    The service concerns people who marry a partner who already has the status of an adoptive parent.
  • Registration as guardians or caretakers.
    First and foremost, the service concerns relatives of orphaned children who want to become their legal guardians or caretakers. The child retains the status of an orphan, and the guardian or caretaker becomes the official representative of the child until their adulthood. At the same time, the guardian/custodian can give consent for the adoption of a child by other people.
  • Deregistration of a candidate for adoption.
    The service is for people who have the status of a candidate for adoption but have not yet become parents and have changed their minds about taking an orphaned child into care.